Ring in the new year moments

It’s hard, it’s easy It’s hot, it’s cold It’s Kelly, it’s Ryan There’s no in between But us We are gray and neutral purple and yellow newish oldish average happy blue and white a mix of day and night Be here and there don’t ask for your answer for now let’s be here not there […]

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A Molecular Moment

Moments are monumental around the holidays, but part of the problem with the holidays is that people try to create moments instead of experiencing them. Does that make sense to anyone? When we think of the holiday moments you might expect it to be when Grandpa George makes a toast to family, but the truth […]

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Latte Love

A latte today makes tomorrow a vision There’s a feeling I get when I sip that warm cup of energy I feel inspired, wired, both afraid and ready to light a fire I get ideas, all the feels and want to share everything with everyone As my soul sparks, I feed it with day dreams, […]

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Moments. Moments. Moments. My obsession with moments began when I was reflecting on my birthday in October of 2018. I was actually inspired by a professional runner, writer, poet and filmmaker, Alexi Pappas. I came across an interview of Alexi after her marathon debut at the Bank of America Chicago Marathon in early October. She […]

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