Race Report: Back Log IM Louisville 2016

My first ever ironman race report is from Ironman Louisville in 2016.

I decided this was a great landing page for my race reports because those are quite the special moments. They are the epitome of life events that are meant to be taken in like a favorite meal. Slow. savored. Enjoyed. It’s also one of the more dynamic moments because so much leads up to it. So much that doesn’t make or break the moment but that makes it even more lasting.


And here I am… speaking in a naive voice, not even close to understanding what this ironman game really is….


Swim – felt great – I was in line early because I knew the bike would be really long for me. I was excited to start the bike earlier than anticipated! I think the current had something to do with it…C:

Bike – I really prepared myself to take it easy for the first half because I didn’t want to burn myself and make the second half miserable. I was ready to have the bike be my ‘day’ and the run be my ‘night’ so mentally I think I prepared well for this..but obviously wishing I was faster! I think I want to really work on bike skills, I don’t think I really know how you should go about biking a rolling hills course or even if there is a method other than just practicing more. But I really enjoyed that type of bike course. I like the break up of monotony with the hills and the fast descents. At any rate some of the paces are unfathomable to me- I mean does that just take experience? Amazing. Amazing. Amazing.

The run was very interesting for me. I was pretty bloated and felt really heavy for the beginning so I got  some salt and it got better, but around mile 8-10 and even until the turn around at the half I was very disoriented feeling and I couldn’t eat any food or drink anything, I was gagging even water. I felt nauseous which is new for me. I was actually scared because I felt myself walking irregularly and my eyes not being able to focus. I was wondering if it was over hydrated since my sweat rate was barely anything due to the cool temps. But I forced myself to eat something and somehow it just passed and I got over it and ended up running decently through the last half (decent walk/run). I even got to the point where I was fine running the last 5k (obviously a mental boost with just the 5k left.) Before I started feeling better I was in a dark place – I really thought I was going to come in after my 16 hr deadline so I was doing math the whole time. But when I started feeling better and finally realized I was going to do it I was so happy, wow such an amazing experience.

Ready for the next one. 😊

Race Summary





Originally from: http://www.ironman.com/triathlon/events/americas/ironman/louisville/results.aspx#ixzz5riKZ8RLb

Whoa! This was hard to post. I am slightly competitive so it’s hard to see how close I was to not making the cut off. I was very proud of myself but I often leave hungrier for improvement and accumulation of training than when I started. But it’s really cool to see from where you start and watch a slow consistent & persistent work ethic pay off. I love training and feeling my body adapt to new expectations. This is even more gratifying because as I write this I just finished my most recent half ironman race with a 19.35 mph average bike pace. This is a huge testament to learning how to fuel myself and realizing that starving yourself is like trying to win a race with no finish line.

Stay tuned for more back logged reports. I can’t wait to read all of my comments. Thank you to all of my loyal followers and fans. I wouldn’t be where I am without you. (This is a joke, but still fun to write).


Cheers to MOMENTS.