Race Report: Back Log IM 70.3 Ohio 2016

This race was just my 2nd triathlon  ever. It was a 70.3 and was the race prior to my first ironman attempt. I still had so much to learn and you can tell when you’re reading it! So much to learn! (Still so much to learn!)

The swim was not wetsuit legal- not really a big effect on me, I like swimming so it was bummer to not have extra buoyancy, but that downside was balanced by the fact that I saved time ripping out of my wetsuit. Perhaps, I should have been more upset however, since I raced very slowly. I averaged 2:12/100 m when in a pool my easy 100 meter pace is at the most 1:44  min/100meter. It was disappointing to say the least, especially with how comfortable I felt in the water. It was warm and not crowded…I suppose I also didn’t swim very straight. 

Swim goals: Push my pace more, wear clear goggles for ease of buoy sightings, swim along buoys straighter, abs in, side breathing, straight left arm when breathing right (from a prior swim analysis)
The bike I began with confidence only because I felt this was the area that I had the least amount of experience in, but had spent the past year and change training for.  I learned that getting better on the bike is not easy. In fact I didn’t really improve power/pace wise at all. None. Mentally I was in good form, especially since my previous races the bike was nearly making me cry especially towards the end of the 56 miles. At the beginning of the bike I felt I was going to make a decent time, with an original goal of breaking 3 hours, I was sorely mistaken. The first 25 miles went decently according to plan. I was hitting 20 mph at some points and average above 16 mph (good for me, with a common 13 mph in previous times.) Another better aspect to this ride was my nutrition, I took in more than I ever have because I have really lacked in this area- mentally, fueling myself correctly is hard while also being unaware of what kind of calorie intake I should be taking in my my body. I had about a total of 426 calories on the bike for about 114 calories/hour. I have no idea if this is appropriate or not. I didn’t feel bad, but I don’t know if I could feel better. (Turns out I could definitely feel better, in future races I take in around 220 cal per hour)
After getting into the headwinds around mile 30 I slowed down a ton. WAY. SLOW. Towards the end I could pick it up a bit more, but the last 10 miles had all the hills too, which I was comfortable handling (another minor improvement for me), but just made for a terrible total bike time that I was really hoping to improve.
Bike goals: bike more. bike outside. bike longer and harder. Eat more, support the workout. study athletes with similar body types. Ask for tips from Briggs (PT).
For the run, I felt a lot better than I ever have after the swim + bike. Again, mentally I am so much stronger. I started running and was happy about it! I wasn’t doing a great pace, but it was NOT a bad pace for me. I actually slowed definitely in the second half of the run, but was only walking through some aid stations to keep my nutrition going properly. It was hard to maintain in the last 5km, but I definitely succeeded in the mental game for this one. My run was 2:20 and my goal is to break 2:00 for a tri run. Goal pace: 8:30. 
Run goals: Run harder and longer off the bike. For training days with just running, push the pace. Seek out technique help too (Briggs running analysis). 
Good: mentally much stronger to get through these races. I had fun.
Bad: No tangible numbers showing improvement, a big let down after a lot of work. I WILL improve. A LOT.
More to come!