A Molecular Moment

Moments are monumental around the holidays, but part of the problem with the holidays is that people try to create moments instead of experiencing them. Does that make sense to anyone?

When we think of the holiday moments you might expect it to be when Grandpa George makes a toast to family, but the truth is everyone doesn’t have a Grandpa George and maybe some Thanksgivings are smaller than the great big family gathering media portrays as idyllic.

My moments are a little bit more molecular. I don’t get all giddy and warm after everyone breaks bread, but I do in the dairy section of a grocery store.

Here’s an example:

After getting off work early, I got to visit a race expo to pick up a Turkey Trot bib with 100 of my closest running friends, only to catch a ‘mojo’ coffee truck parked outside serving hot chocolate and coffee. Then I arrived at my mom’s house with my brother home which only happens once (Thanksgiving) and once again (Christmas) each year. I got home to go grocery shopping with my husband for our Thanksgiving recipe ingredients. This moment lasted the entire grocery experience. It started at the store when I first tried the Chestnut Praline latte while wrestling around 14 people to get a bunch of radicchio. After the match, I checked my list and looked around for my husband and our eyes actually met with perfect timing after waving my hands for a solid 3.5 minutes. The hustle and bustle makes me a kid with glowing wonder and excitement. I love when places are crowded with eager meal preparers. After looking at cheese with my husband, he tried the latte and we agreed it was delicious. We never agree on lattes. It was quite the moment. We hugged it out in the dairy corner of the store and I made sure to mentally note that this was my holiday moment.


image source: http://blinkie.org/2014/11/08/chestnut-praline-latte-starbucks/