My obsession with moments began when I was reflecting on my birthday in October of 2018. I was actually inspired by a professional runner, writer, poet and filmmaker, Alexi Pappas. I came across an interview of Alexi after her marathon debut at the Bank of America Chicago Marathon in early October. She was interviewed directly after crossing the finish line. Amidst the euphoric endorphin rush of completing the full distance, she described how happy and full of gratitude she was about completing the race. She kept repeating with glittering eyes in a Disney princess-esque tone about being in awe and feeling grateful to have merely completed the distance.

This is a moment. Alexi had a moment, something that is fleeting, but that is extraordinary. These moments are what make living a life on this planet worth it. Amazing things happen. People are incredible, unpredictable and most of all, limitless.


After this interview, I studied Alexi. I followed her social media outlets, read all of the articles written about her and scoured the internet for videos that would help me emulate her emotion and lust for life–which is apparent even when she hasn’t just completed 26.2 miles at an ungodly pace. I do encourage you to check out her stint of vlogs-they made me feel brighter and were instantaneous examples of easy ways to emulate her attitude on an everyday basis.

But how do we build these moments? This is what I want to dissect. Moments can be things other than endorphin rushes. They can be sitting by a fire with a perfect cup of hot chocolate or watching your child learn how to tie their shoe. These are moments that make life worth living & I want to write about them.

The difficulty with moments is that depending on your mind set, they may be more or less apparent in day to day life. I want to figure out how to find and build the most moments, whether it be through racing, traveling, observing, climbing, listening, dancing or something I have yet to discover. Let’s figure this out together, shall we? Alexi may have already figured out the secret of making moments but that doesn’t mean we can’t do it too. Here’s to hoping one day we can get her input. 🙂

Please follow along and enjoy.


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